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Arizona Interagency Farmworkers Coalition Annual Educational Conference

From, 8 May 2012. Do you work at a Migrant Health Center or work in a profession that serves migrant or seasonal farmworkers?  If so, plan on attending the Arizona Interagency Farmworkers Coalition annual educational conference in lovely Prescott, Arizona May 15-17, 2012.  “Preserving Our Past, While Defining Our Future”,  a conference where those that … Continue reading

Migrant Program Helps Immokalee Students Attend Michigan State University

From, Jake Nordbye, 6 May 2012. For four years, Ernscie Augustin missed holidays with her family. She missed 80-degree winter days in Southwest Florida. And she missed her hometown of Immokalee. But Augustin said what she couldn’t afford to miss was her “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.” Every year, Immokalee High School students leave their homes and … Continue reading

So, You Chose the Wrong Career

From, Marlys Miller, Editor, Pork Magazine, 9 Feb 2012. It’s no secret that agricultural illiteracy is rampant in the United States, well even globally. Most people lack more than the most basic understanding of agriculture, and they fail to comprehend its deep interconnectedness to their daily lives. Yet life’s most essential elements — food, … Continue reading

Short on Cash, New Child Center Closes

From, Ted Shockley, 4 Feb 2012. State faith group seeks funding to reopen TASLEY — A number of Eastern Shore children found themselves without a pre-school readiness program Friday when a Virginia Council of Churches initiative closed its doors. “They were incredibly disappointed,” said Ed Rossmoore, executive director of the Rural Family Development Division … Continue reading

Bipartisan Legislation Introduced to Address Seasonal Farm Labor Shortages

From, 13 Jan 2012. This past fall, many orchardists throughout Central and Eastern Washington nearly lost their apple crops due to a shortage of fruit pickers. Several Republican and Democratic state lawmakers are hoping to avert the same crisis in the future through legislation they introduced Thursday in the Washington State House of Representatives. … Continue reading

National Farm Worker Jobs Program Available in Indiana

From, Jeff Burbrink, Great Outdoors, 30 Dec 2011. You may not have heard of the National Farmer [Farmworker] Jobs Program. This program is designed to help seasonal and migrant farm workers and their dependents find training and education for qualify them for more skilled jobs. To qualify for the program, the person must have … Continue reading

Program Teaches Farm Labor Contractors How to Avoid Problems

From The, Fritz Roka, Cesar Asuaje, and Carlene Thissen, 28 Dec 2011. Editor’s note: This is the Immokalee Report, a monthly column written by researchers at the University of Florida’s Southwest Florida Research and Education Center in Immokalee. This column appeared in the November-December 2011 issue of Citrus + Vegetable Magazine. A new University of Florida/Institute of Food and … Continue reading

Farmworker Group Helps Children Excel in School

From, Alexia Campbell, Sun Sentinel, 13 Dec 2011. Silvia Gorzoni’s biggest mistake in life was not getting a college degree, she said. The 39-year-old single mother has cleaned houses in South Florida for more than a decade to give her three children the opportunity she missed in her native Brazil. Gorzoni, who lives west of Delray … Continue reading

Prenatal Program Targets Farmworkers

From, Kevin Hall, 26 Nov 2011. KINGSLAND, Ga. — A health program targeting women who are least likely to have access to prenatal care has taken root in Colquitt County. Administered by the Southwest (Ga.) Health District and paid for with grants from the March of Dimes, the program is meant to address disparities … Continue reading

Summer Advocate for Migrant Workers at Friends of Farmworkers, Inc. in PA

From, 21 Nov 2011. Friends of Farmworkers, Inc., is looking for a two law students with strong commitments to social justice for internships during the summer of 2012. The interns will advocate for migrant workers in Pennsylvania. Friends of Farmworkers (FOF) aims to improve the living and working conditions of indigent farmworkers, mushroom workers, … Continue reading

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