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Immigration Reform 2013

From, Jim Dickrell, Dairy Today Editor, 27 Feb 2012. After 2012 elections, reform might be possible The bad news, if it’s even news, is that national, comprehensive immigration reform isn’t going to happen this year. That was the consensus of a panel of experts at the Colorado Farm Show in Greeley last month. Participating … Continue reading

Farmers Still Fighting for Immigrant Guest-Worker Program

From, Michael Doyle, 10 Feb 2012. WASHINGTON — California and Southern farmers renewed their case Thursday for some kind of an agricultural guest-worker program, but they’re sailing against the wind. Make that a hurricane. Buffeted by campaign-season currents and the inherent complications around immigration, the farmers this year face excruciatingly long odds as they … Continue reading

Labor Shortages, H-2A Reform

From, “Labor Shortages, H-2A Reform” Jan 2012. Growers complained of farm labor shortages in many states in summer and fall 2011, especially in Alabama and Georgia, states that enacted laws making it a crime for an unauthorized foreigner to be in the state. The Washington apple harvest, expected to be about 105 million 42-pound … Continue reading

No Farm Workers, No Food

From, D. Dowd Muska, 27 Nov 2011. Savor the memory of strawberries, tomatoes, peaches, honey, eggs and beef purchased this year at farmers’ markets. In 2012, local agricultural products might be difficult to find. For that matter, supermarket produce and meat — food shipped from anywhere in the United States — could be in … Continue reading

The Hunger Report: Chapter 3 Farm Workers and Immigration Policy

From, Nov 2011. Do you know who to thank for harvesting much of our U.S. fruits and vegetables? Immigrant farm workers. In fact, domestic production of fruits and vegetables—foods Americans should be consuming more of—could decrease significantly without immigrant farm workers. Close to three-fourths of all U.S. hired farm workers are immigrants, most of … Continue reading

AgJOBS: The Grand Compromise

From, “AgJOBS: The Grand Compromise” Nov 2012. Farmworkers Forum note: The superscript numbers in this excerpt from the Hunger Report 2012 refer to the footnotes in the full report. In 2000, after decades of wrangling over the contours of an updated guest worker program, the Agricultural Job Opportunity, Benefits and Security bill (AgJOBS) was … Continue reading

Western Growers Report Underscores Lack of Labor

From, Tom Karst, 7 Nov 2011. A majority of California and Arizona growers polled in late September reported labor shortages, according to a labor survey by Irvine, Calif.-based Western Growers. Seventy-three completed surveys were analyzed, and 62% of those responding (45 growers) indicated they had experienced challenges in finding workers this year, according to … Continue reading

Where Have the Farmworkers Gone?

From, by Irit Tamir, senior advocacy and collaborations advisor, 24 Oct 2011. The reason farmers can’t go out and hire unemployed local workers is because the work is just too hard for the amount of money that is being paid. A couple of weeks ago, I found myself in acre of kale plants on my … Continue reading

Immigration Reform Tops Public Policy Issues

From, Tom Karst, 11 Oct 2011. WASHINGTON, D.C. — The stakes are rising and tempers are flaring in the immigration debate. As much of the agricultural community seeks to avoid a mandatory E-Verify law without a suitable guest worker program for agriculture, economists with the American Farm Bureau Federation, Washington, D.C., have estimated the … Continue reading

Feinstein to Introduce Guest Worker Program

From, “Feinstein to Introduce Guest Worker Program” 11 Oct 2011. California Senator has been working for more than a decade seeking legislative solution to ag labor problems. Word on Capitol Hill is that Senator Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif. will introduce her latest version of a guest worker program dubbed “AgJobs”. It will not involve U.S. … Continue reading

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