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Children of Immigrants Hit an Economic Ceiling

From, Alana Semuels, Los Angeles Times, 30 Oct 2011. Reporting from Dos Palos, Calif.— A Salvadoran flag wrapped around his neck to block out the sun, Geremias Romero hunches low to the ground alongside the other laborers, following the tractor along rows of cantaloupes. He reaches into the leafy green rows of fruit, touches a … Continue reading

Growing Pains: As California Border Patrol Tightens, Farmers Feel the Labor Pinch

From, Blair Tellers, 31 Oct 2011. “With the way the economy is, you’d think we’d have all kinds of people who want the work, but U.S. citizens here don’t want to do this kind of work,” he said, during a winded account of the immediate and long-term side effects stemming from a major crackdown … Continue reading

Washington Apple Growers Scrambling to Find Workers

From, Lornet Turnbull, Seattle Times staff reporter, 31 Oct 2011. From Wenatchee to Wapato, in orchards up the Okanogan Valley and across the Yakima Valley, growers are hurrying to find workers to harvest their apples before the first cold snap freezes them where they hang. OTHELLO, Adams County, WA — One after another, at a … Continue reading

Eyewitness Describes Brutality in Tobacco Fields

From, Blake Deppe, 28 Oct 2011. When Brenda Loya, of AFL-CIO Media Affairs, traveled along with 25 students, activists, and labor leaders to Dudley, N.C., she became a witness to the atrocious environment and conditions of the tobacco farm workers. Loya said of the experience, “We drove 40 minutes into the country to visit labor camps … Continue reading

Kentucky Farmworker Programs Inc. Opens Georgetown office

From, Greg Kocher, 30 Oct 2011. GEORGETOWN, KY — After 29 years of helping farm workers elsewhere in the state find steadier employment, a federally funded program is now available in 17 counties in Central and Eastern Kentucky. Kentucky Farmworker Programs Inc., a non-profit organization, opened an office in Georgetown in August. Its goal … Continue reading

Faces of Cancer: Basin Farmworker Battles Lymphoma

From, Andy Perdue, Tri-City Herald, 29 Oct 2011. MESA, WA — Nearly a quarter-century ago, Federico Alvarado came to America looking for a better life. Through the years, he has toiled on farms in the Columbia Basin to provide for his family and help his children go to college. Now, Alvarado, 45, has Hodgkin’s … Continue reading

Carlsbad Shelter Receives OK to Expand

From, Hailey Persinger, 30 Oct 2011. CARLSBAD — Carlsbad’s shelter for homeless men has received the green light to more than double its capacity. The City Council’s unanimous vote last week came nearly 20 years after the first council vote on the Catholic Charities’ La Posada de Guadalupe Shelter. That vote in 1991 paved the … Continue reading

‘Hobby Farm’ Couple Do Part, Feed Hungry

From, Bill Nemitz, Maine Sunday Telegram, 30 Oct 2011. It’s not uncommon for someone to show up at the Bread of Life Soup Kitchen in Augusta with a bag full of fresh broccoli, tomatoes or other leftovers from their garden. In recent months, however, Glenn and Rachel Powers have taken that kind of community … Continue reading

Farm Column: Changes in Hiring Youth for Farm Work Being Proposed

From, Fond du Lac, Mike Rankin, 28 Oct 2011. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) as currently written has essentially been on the books since the 1970s. Recently, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) unveiled some significant changes to the law that will impact farm owner/operators, 14- and 15-year-olds who desire to work on … Continue reading

Methyl Iodide Health Risks Cannot Be Ignored

From, Steve Schnaar, 30 Oct 2011. In a clear case of big money running politics, last year the California Department of Pesticide Regulation [DPR] approved an extremely dangerous chemical called methyl iodide for use as a pesticide, with strawberry production as the largest intended use. While no use is yet slated for Santa Cruz … Continue reading

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