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Opinion: Lawmakers’ Immigration Hypocrisy Obvious

From, Amarillo Globe-News, Allen Finegold, 10 Apr 2011. Greg Sagan’s carefully crafted column in the March 8 edition of the Amarillo Globe-News politely exposes Texas House Bill 1202 as an act of bald-faced hypocrisy. But then, hypocrisy has been the general approach that Texas legislators, especially conservative Republicans, have taken on the issue of illegal … Continue reading

Elected Officials and Labor Leaders Announce First ‘Citizenship Fair’

From, “Elected Officials & Labor Leaders Announce First ‘Citizenship Fair’” by Laborers’ International Union of North America, LIUNA, Latino Caucus, 23 Mar 2011. Goal Is to Register Thousands of Immigrants as U.S. Citizens and Registered Voters NEW YORK, March 23, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — A coalition of elected officials, labor leaders, and community supporters announced today on the … Continue reading

Flaw in Immigration Law

From, Letters to the Editor, “Flaws in Immigration Law” by Bruce Goldstein, 16 Mar 2011. Lee Hockstader sees hope for a breakthrough on immigration policy in recent Utah legislation, but he understated the dangers. There already is a federal program allowing agricultural employers to bring in guest workers on seasonal work visas, the H-2A … Continue reading

Immigration Reform: Glimpse of the Future in Arizona and Utah?

From, The Christian Science Monitor, “Immigration reform: Glimpse of the future in Arizona and Utah?” by Daniel B. Wood, Staff writer, 19 Mar 2011. The business community was instrumental in defeating an Arizona birthright-citizenship bill and passing a Utah guest-worker program, suggesting it could be a key force on immigration reform. The opposite fortunes of … Continue reading

Farmworker Justice: Utah Plan Not Model to Fix Immigration

From, The San Diego Union-Tribune, Opinion, “Utah plan not model to fix immigration” by Bruce Goldstein, President, Farmworker Justice, Washington, D.C.,  19 Mar 2011. We agree with the U-T editorial that the federal government must address our broken immigration system (“Utah takes on immigration reform,” March 14). But Utah’s new legislation should not be America’s immigration … Continue reading

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