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Opinion: Guest Worker Program Broken

From, “Guest worker program broken” by Tom Nassif, 31 Mar 2011. The flawed notion that low farmworker wages are to blame for the country’s need for foreign labor misses the point entirely. In response to the March 23 letter submitted by Juan Manuel Guerrero Jr. from Somerton (“Housing isn’t farm issue — it is … Continue reading

Hearing Set for Nurserymen’s Exchange Labor Dispute

From, Half Moon Bay Review, “Hearing set for Nurserymen’s Exchange labor dispute” by Lily Bixler, 31 Mar 2011. The California Agricultural Labor Relations Board has dismissed four objections Nurserymen’s Exchange filed following last year’s union vote at the wholesale grower to decide whether the company’s workers would be represented by United Farm Workers of … Continue reading

Report: Farmworkers’ Still Face Hardships after Decades of Struggle

From, Santa Cruz Sentinel, “Report: Farmworkers’ still face hardships after decades of struggle” by Donna Jones, 13 Mar 2011. On day honoring Cesar Chavez, advocates urge legislators to do more to improve the lives of farmworkers SALINAS [CA] – Despite decades of struggle, California’s farmworkers continue to live in poverty and without adequate access … Continue reading

Seventy Percent of Farmworkers Don’t Have Health Insurance

From, Central Coast News, “Seventy Percent of Farmworkers Don’t Have Health Insurance” by Lucero Benitez, 31 Mar 2011. SALINAS, Calif- Farm workers work for minimum wage and more than half of them don’t have health insurance so when they get sick and try to see a doctor, they can’t because it’s too expensive. “Fifty percent … Continue reading

AMPI Settles With OSHA Over Safety Violation

From, Farm Journal News Detail, “AMPI Settles With OSHA Over Safety Violation” by Jim Dickrell, Dairy Today Editor, 31 Mar 2011. Associated Milk Producers, Inc., based in New Ulm, Minn., has settled with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) over a safety violation in its Blair, Wis. milk plant. Last August, an independent milk … Continue reading

Five Things You Need to Know About: César Chávez

From, “Five Things You Need to Know About: César Chávez” by Allan MacDonnell, 31 Mar 2011. Thursday, March 31, was César Chávez Day, an official holiday in eight out of the 50 United States. That 16 percent holiday approval rating is perhaps indicative of how America at large views the legacy of one of … Continue reading

Recent Politics Dominate Chavez Remembrance

From, The Portland Press Herald, “Recent politics dominate Chavez remembrance” by Edward D. Murphy, Staff Writer, 31 Mar 2011. PORTLAND [ME] — Gov. Paul LePage may not have been at Wednesday’s annual observance of Cesar Chavez’ birthday, but he was definitely on the minds of organizers. LePage, who turned down an invitation to attend the event … Continue reading

Calif. Bill Would Ease Unionization of Farmworkers

From, The Sacramento Bee, “Calif. Bill Would Ease Unionization of Farmworkers” by Don Thompson, Associated Press, 31 Mar 2011. SACRAMENTO, Calif. — State lawmakers moved ahead Thursday with a bill that would make it easier for farmworkers to unionize, acting over the objections of Republicans and the business community. The bill would let field laborers … Continue reading

Senate OKs Farmworker ‘Card Check’ Bill on Cesar Chavez Day

From, The Sacramento Bee, Capitol Alert, “Senate OKs farmworker ‘card check’ bill on Cesar Chavez Day” by Torey Van Oot, 31 Mar 2011. On a day honoring labor leader Cesar Chavez, the state Senate approved “card check” legislation that would create an alternative path to a secret-ballot election for farmworkers seeking union representation. Senate Bill 104, which … Continue reading

Dangerous Exposure: Farmworker Children and Pesticides

From, Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs, “Dangerous Exposure: Farmworker Children and Pesticides” by Ayrianne Parks, 31 Mar 2011. AFOP’s Health & Safety Programs Releases a Report Examining Pesticide Exposure and Its Effects on Farmworker Children Washington, D.C.—Today, just one year after the President’s Cancer Panel released its groundbreaking report highlighting environmental causes of cancer, … Continue reading

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