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Congresswoman Hochul Urges Labor Secretary Solis To Swiftly Modernize H-2a Visa Program

From, 28 Nov 2011. After Earlier Meeting, Labor Department Plans to Accept Paperwork Online BATAVIA, N.Y. – Today, after meeting with representatives of the Upstate Niagara Dairy Cooperative, Congresswoman Kathy Hochul sent a letter to United States Labor Secretary Hilda Solis, urging her to swiftly modernize the H-2A visa program to allow farmers to submit … Continue reading

Grow Your Farmer

From, Jennifer Langston, 30 Nov 2011. A new incubator mixes Latino farmworkers and foodie entrepreneurs. In the Northwest, small-scale farmers are the new rock stars. The New York Times writes about them glowingly. Filmmakers follow them around. Lots of people dream of becoming one—from unfulfilled tax accountants to newly minted public policy graduates to carpenters whose jobs … Continue reading

Karst Chat with Dan Fazio: Obama Needs to Back H-2A

From, Tom Karst, 30 Nov 2011. I had the chance to chat  Nov. 21 with Dan Fazio, owner of the Washington Farm Labor Association, Lacey, Wash. Fazio helps manage H-2A programs for growers in Washington state. 1:00 p.m. Tom Karst: How did the last couple weeks of apple harvest go in Washington state? Were … Continue reading

The Coalition of Immokalee Workers: A Model for Tackling Corporate Powers

From, Kimberly Hunter, 30 Nov 2011. If we hope to change corporate policies to benefit rather than exploit the 99 percent, we should study the Coalition of Immokalee Workers’ history and organizing model: Consciousness + Commitment = Change. They have discovered how to challenge giant corporations in the 21st century – and win! Together … Continue reading

Justice Never Too Late for Lake Apopka Farmworkers

From, Pesticide Action Network Asia and the Pacific, 26 Nov 2011. Sixty-one year old Geraldean Matthew, a former Lake Apopka farmworker , spends most of her days in ill health. Suffering from congestive heart failure, Lupus, and kidney failure, she believes that exposure to highly toxic pesticides that were sprayed several decades ago is … Continue reading

Pesticide Exposure and Farmworker Protection

From, Patricia Carrillo, 29 Nov 2011. “They applied a pesticide in the field the other day at work and the supervisor told us to let him know if our toes or feet start feeling numb. They said the pesticide is strong and if this happens or if we start to feel dizzy we need … Continue reading

State’s Farmers Need New Labor Options

From, Larry Wooten, 29 Nov 2011. There are always two sides to every issue, and when it comes to immigration reform there has been plenty of rhetoric for public discourse. But the issue remains a constant sore spot for the state’s agribusiness community. There has yet to be any meaningful reform. The federal government … Continue reading

Farmworkers Win Unfair Labor Practices Settlement

From, The Sacramento Bee, 29 Nov 2011. FRESNO, Calif. — A central California almond and grape grower will pay nearly $1 million in a settlement with farmworkers for unfair labor practices. The settlement announced Tuesday requires H&R Gunlund Ranches, Inc. of Caruthers, Calif. to pay $915,000 to 82 migratory farmworkers and their attorneys. The settlement is … Continue reading

New Changes in Child Labor Target Family Farm Operations

From, Andrea J. Cook, Journal staff, 29 Nov 2011. Proposed changes in federal child labor rules threaten the very core of South Dakota family farm and ranch operations by limiting employing and training the next generation of producers, according to producers and others involved in agriculture. South Dakota Secretary of Labor Pamela S. Roberts … Continue reading

Farmerworkers Gain Housing Option in Forest Grove

From, Angela Webber, 28 Nov 2011. In Washington County, people in approximately 750 farmworker families are employed by agricultural businesses, nurseries and wineries. But these workers are paid low wages, and their housing options are limited. The Hillsboro-based Bienestar organization, which owns and manages housing for farmworker families in Washington County, is seeking to expand … Continue reading

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