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The Fallout of Failure

From, 28 Sept 2011. OUR OPINION: Piecemeal fixes for broken immigration system aren’t working The longer America delays fixing its broken immigration system, the harder it becomes to deal with the fallout. In the inner cities, a flawed deportation program is sowing mistrust and making the job of policing harder. That’s the conclusion of … Continue reading

Immigration Judge Jurisdiction over INA § 204(j) Portability

From, 22 Sept 2011. Because the process for an immigrant worker to become a lawful permanent resident can be quite lengthy, Congress enacted a provision in 2001 that gives immigrant workers needed job flexibility. A worker with an approved visa petition and a pending application for permanent residence can change jobs during the transition … Continue reading

Michigan State University: Grant Helps Migrant Workers

From, Josh Mansour, 29 Sept 2011. Noe Hernandez spent most of his life believing a degree was too expensive for him to achieve. It wasn’t until he learned about MSU’s High School Equivalency Program, or HEP, that Hernandez realized he had an opportunity to pursue a degree. On Wednesday, HEP, a program within MSU’s Migrant Student Services, received … Continue reading

Students, Teachers Push to Halt Methyl Iodide Use in California Farms

From, Li Miao Lovett, 28 Sept 2011. Sal Lua remembers the reactions he and his fellow Brown Berets encountered when they first spoke out against methyl iodide at the Watsonville City Council meeting last December. “They were surprised that someone this young would go to the City Council,” he said. The council later passed … Continue reading

Forum on A Fumigant

From, Tessa Stuart, 28 Sept 2011. Local leaders and agencies will discuss the impacts of methyl iodide at a public forum in Salinas Thursday In June 2010, John Froines, chair of the independent Scientific Review Committee convened by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation to evaluate the soil fumigant methyl iodide, stood on the … Continue reading

As We See It: Plain Talk on Immigration: Can Gov. Christie Make a Difference?

From, Opinion, 27 Sept 2011. With President Barack Obama working his way back to Washington from Silicon Valley, delivering his jobs-and taxes-message, Republicans are confronting a historic political dilemma. While the president’s popularity continues to plummet, voters nationwide are not enamored of Republicans’ job performance in Congress, which leaves the 2012 elections outlook impossible … Continue reading

Hecho en América

“Between talk-radio blather and election-season bravado, it’s easy to have an opinion about immigration, and easier to forget that people—actual people—pick our food. Now and then we might glimpse them out the car window, but few of us realize that what we eat depends on them, and fewer still have any idea what their world … Continue reading

A State of Fear: Human Rights Abuses in North Carolina’s Tobacco Industry

From, Irit Tamir, senior advocacy and collaborations advisor, 27 Sept 2011. Heat-related deaths in the field. Child labor. Wage theft. And decrepit housing. You might think that I was talking about conditions in a developing country, but actually this is the picture of our own agriculture system here in the United States. A report released last … Continue reading

Making E-Verify Mandatory: Labor, Immigrant Rights Groups To Launch Spanish-Language Attack Ads

From, Elise Foley, 27 Sept 2011. WASHINGTON — Spanish-language ads will target Republican congressmen from California for their support of a federal employment eligibility program called E-Verify, an immigrant rights group and a labor union announced Tuesday. America’s Voice and the Service Employees International Union said they will run three Spanish-language ads aimed at … Continue reading

Farmworker, Low-Income Housing for Somerton Pending

From, Cesar Neyoy, Bajo el Sol, 26 Sept 2011. SOMERTON, AZ — A 34-unit apartment complex could open up to farmworkers or low-income families in Somerton in two or three years, pending the city council’s final approval of a rezoning for the project. The city council gave preliminary approval last week to a request … Continue reading

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