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Immigrant Farm Workers Push for Guest Worker IDs

From, Associated Press, 22 Feb 2012. MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) — A group of Mexican farm workers and several dairy farmers have testified in support of a guest worker program for the estimated 1,500 to 2,000 immigrants who work on Vermont’s dairy farms. The bill before the Senate Agriculture Committee would create state IDs for … Continue reading

Washington Ag Leaders: Immigration Reform Vital for Economy

From, David Lester, 18 Feb 2012. ELLENSBURG — More Washington farmers are expected to turn to a federal foreign guest worker program out of concern that last fall’s labor shortage will only get worse in 2012, employer advocates say. And Washington’s agriculture director said he believes solving agriculture’s labor needs through comprehensive immigration reform … Continue reading

Farmers Still Fighting for Immigrant Guest-Worker Program

From, Michael Doyle, 10 Feb 2012. WASHINGTON — California and Southern farmers renewed their case Thursday for some kind of an agricultural guest-worker program, but they’re sailing against the wind. Make that a hurricane. Buffeted by campaign-season currents and the inherent complications around immigration, the farmers this year face excruciatingly long odds as they … Continue reading

Regional Perspectives on Agricultural Guestworker Programs

From, Bruce Goldstein, 9 Feb 2012. Written Testimony of Bruce Goldstein, President, Farmworker Justice, before the Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration Policy and Enforcement. Mr. Chairman and Members: Thank you for the opportunity to testify about proposals to address our nation’s broken immigration system and solutions to ensure a productive, fairly-treated farm labor force. For thirty … Continue reading

Vermont Legislature Considers IDs for Farm Workers

From, Lisa Rathke, Associated Press, 2 Feb 2012. As some states crack down on illegal immigrants, Vermont lawmakers are discussing creating a guest worker program that would include state IDs for the estimated 1,500 to 2,000 immigrants who work on Vermont dairy farms and who officials say have become critical to the struggling industry. … Continue reading

United Farm Workers: California initiative not guest-worker program

From, Alison Peek, Salt Lake City Political Buzz Examiner, 6 Jan 2012. The proposed initiative for the November California ballot modeled after Utah immigration legislation is not a guest-worker program, according to Maria Machuca, spokesperson for United Farm Workers. “Guest worker programs bring workers from other countries to do temporary work and then send them back to … Continue reading

State Ag Commish: Feds Must Act on Guest Worker Program

From, Adam Van Brimmer, 5 Jan 2012. Georgia’s immigration reform law cost the state’s farmers millions in its first year of existence but came with the “silver lining” of elevating the outcry for a more viable federal guest worker program, according to Georgia’s Commissioner of Agriculture Gary Black. Black discussed the results of his … Continue reading

Farm Labor Laws Crippling Carolina Fruit, Vegetable Operations

From, Roy Roberson, 30 Dec 2011. Kendall Hill is co-owner and president of Tull Hill Farms, one of North Carolina’s longest running, largest and most successful vegetable crop farming operations. The biggest risk to operations like his, Hill says, is the availability and affordability of labor. “I’m 72 years old. I can’t work in … Continue reading

Farm Guest Workers

From, Andrew Yeager, 22 Dec 2011. Birmingham, AL–Alabama farmers are wondering where they’ll find workers for next year’s growing season. They say the state’s tough immigration law has driven away much of the migrant labor they rely on. One option is for farmers to hire foreign guest workers. And as WBHM’s Andrew Yeager reports, … Continue reading

Nonprofit Agency Warns of Guest Worker Program Scams

From, Stephanie Sanchez, 12 Dec 2011. Yuma, AZ–Mexicans seeking agricultural jobs in the Desert Southwest and throughout the U.S. under a government guest worker program are increasingly becoming victims of fraud. A U.S. guest worker program that offers food, housing and transportation expenses as well as a steady job sounds like a jackpot to many Mexican … Continue reading

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