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Seen and (Mostly) Unseen

From, Philip E. Wolgin, 27 Jun 2011. The True Costs of E-Verify Download this issue brief (pdf) Download the accompanying fact sheet (pdf) Read the full brief in your web browser Read the fact sheet in your web browser Infographic: The Costs of E-Verify by Philip E. Wolgin E-Verify—the federal government’s Internet-based system that verifies work eligibility—is … Continue reading

Georgians React to Judge’s Decision to Halt Parts of Anti-Illegal Immigration Law

From, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Jeremy Redmon and Craig Schneider, 28 Jun 2011. South Georgia’s Ronald Barksdale doubts a federal judge’s decision to halt parts of Georgia’s tough new immigration enforcement law will help his farm. It has suffered $250,000 in losses he said are tied to the new law. John Litland, a supporter of the law from Marietta, predicts the … Continue reading

Former Tomato Grower Strikes Back Against “Tomatoland”

From, Carson Cooper and Scott Finn, 28 Jun 2011. [Tampa, FL] — In winter, Florida provides virtually all of the fresh tomatoes in the U.S. But the new book “Tomatoland” says the industry mistreats its workers and depends on slave labor. Not so, says Florida tomato grower Jay Taylor. He says the book’s author … Continue reading

Bilingual Labeling Standards Needed

From, Rachel Lewis, 28 Jun 2011. It’s backbreaking work but it needs to be done and done it is for low wages and in harsh conditions. We enjoy the labor of migrant workers every time we bite into a New York red Gala apple or throw on our favorite 100-percent cotton “Made in America” … Continue reading

South Carolina Farmers Say New Immigration Law May be Bad for Business

From, Trent Faris, SC Bureau Reporter, 28 Jun 2011. FORT MILL, SC (WBTV) – Controversy in South Carolina after Governor Nikki Haley signed an illegal immigration bill into law.  Opponents say it opens doors for racial profiling, but others say it may be bad for business. Ron Edwards at Springs Farm in Fort Mill is … Continue reading

Special Series on Education: Fort Scott Community College Awarded Grant

From, Jason E. Silvers, 28 Jun 2011. [Fort Scott, KS] — The Fort Scott Community College Board of Trustees heard news of a new grant the college has received this year that will help students of migrant families attend college. FSCC Associate Dean of Grants and Institutional Advancement Cindy Bartelsmeyer told the board about … Continue reading

Man who Drowned in Finley was Illegally in U.S.

From, Paula Horton, Herald Staff Writer, 28 Jun 2011. A 35-year-old who drowned at Two Rivers Park in Finley last week officially has been identified by the Benton County Coroner’s Office. Friends at the park on Wednesday had said the man was Jose Mejia, but Coroner John Hansens said he had information last week … Continue reading

If Georgia Drives Away Immigrant Workers, Will Its Economy Suffer?

From, Suzy Khimm, 24 Jun 2011. Georgia has been among a handful of states to crack down on immigration in recent months, passing “copycat” legislation similar to Arizona’s sweeping law. Now Georgia’s farms are complaining that they will soon face labor shortages because immigrants are now reluctant to come to the state for fear of reprisal. According … Continue reading

Parts of Georgia Immigration Law Blocked

From, Reid J. Epstein, 27 Jun 2011. A federal judge in Atlanta blocked portions of Georgia’s new law that would have punished people who aid illegal immigrants and allowed local police to check the legal status of anyone not carrying identification, The Associated Press reported Monday. U.S. District Judge Thomas Thrash wrote that Georgia was … Continue reading

Michael Russo: The Plight of U.S. Migrant Farm Workers

From, Colleen Finnegan, 27 Jun 2011. Spotlighting Avon High School senior mastery projects. Name: Michael Russo, Class of 2011 graduate. Senior Mastery Project: “For my senior mastery project, I investigated the plight of America’s migrant farm working population… Husbands, fathers and sons along with [the rest of their family] come primarily from Mexico and other Latin … Continue reading

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