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Farm Labor Laws Crippling Carolina Fruit, Vegetable Operations

From, Roy Roberson, 30 Dec 2011. Kendall Hill is co-owner and president of Tull Hill Farms, one of North Carolina’s longest running, largest and most successful vegetable crop farming operations. The biggest risk to operations like his, Hill says, is the availability and affordability of labor. “I’m 72 years old. I can’t work in … Continue reading

National Farm Worker Jobs Program Available in Indiana

From, Jeff Burbrink, Great Outdoors, 30 Dec 2011. You may not have heard of the National Farmer [Farmworker] Jobs Program. This program is designed to help seasonal and migrant farm workers and their dependents find training and education for qualify them for more skilled jobs. To qualify for the program, the person must have … Continue reading

Laws on Farm Labor Impact Minors

From, Rance Burger, 28 Dec 2011. Lake of the Ozarks, MO — Proposed changes to farm labor laws may change the landscape of education in rural communities across the Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, and beyond. The U.S. Department of Labor will consider implementing new rules for youth farm labor in 2012, rules that Missouri … Continue reading

Program Teaches Farm Labor Contractors How to Avoid Problems

From The, Fritz Roka, Cesar Asuaje, and Carlene Thissen, 28 Dec 2011. Editor’s note: This is the Immokalee Report, a monthly column written by researchers at the University of Florida’s Southwest Florida Research and Education Center in Immokalee. This column appeared in the November-December 2011 issue of Citrus + Vegetable Magazine. A new University of Florida/Institute of Food and … Continue reading

Justice for Farmworkers

From, Joel Preston Smith, Jan 2012. January 2012 — Last July, when 16-year-old Nicholas Chavez collapsed in 106° F heat while picking bell peppers in Bakersfield, Calif., it was hardly national news. The story wasn’t covered by CNN, the Associated Press or Fox News. Chavez was just one more pair of hands in the … Continue reading

Rare Advocate Watches Over Sheepherders

From, Nancy Lofholm, 25 Dec 2011. FRUITA — Like some bare bones Santa, Jose Ignacio Alvarado Ruiz loaded a rental car with trash bags several days before Christmas and drove a long, snow-packed zigzag through northwest Colorado to deliver them. The bags were filled with welcome necessities such as warm socks, soap, flannel shirts, … Continue reading

For One Ala. Farmer, Workers Are Still Scarce

From, NPR Staff, 25 Dec 2011. Earlier this year, Alabama passed a tough immigration law that prompted thousands of migrant workers to flee the state. Shortly after, NPR spoke with Jamie Boatwright, a fourth-generation tomato farmer in Steele, Ala. When the law was passed, about 20 of Boatwright’s farmhands — all of them from Mexico … Continue reading

Farm Guest Workers

From, Andrew Yeager, 22 Dec 2011. Birmingham, AL–Alabama farmers are wondering where they’ll find workers for next year’s growing season. They say the state’s tough immigration law has driven away much of the migrant labor they rely on. One option is for farmers to hire foreign guest workers. And as WBHM’s Andrew Yeager reports, … Continue reading

More Young People See Opportunity in Farming

From, Dinesh Ramde, Associated Press, 21 Dec 2011. MILWAUKEE, WI —A Wisconsin factory worker worried about layoffs became a dairy farmer. An employee at a Minnesota nonprofit found an escape from her cubicle by buying a vegetable farm. A nuclear engineer tired of office bureaucracy decided to get into cattle ranching in Texas. While … Continue reading

Keeping Kids Out of Silo Deathtraps: Labor Dept. on Verge of Rule Change

From, Mike Elk, 19 Dec 2011. When it’s humid during the summer, corn in storage will often get so caked together that it won’t fall to the bottom of silos. When this happens, silo operators will sometimes hire teenagers to come in for a day and jump around on the corn in order to … Continue reading

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