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Short on Cash, New Child Center Closes

From, Ted Shockley, 4 Feb 2012. State faith group seeks funding to reopen TASLEY — A number of Eastern Shore children found themselves without a pre-school readiness program Friday when a Virginia Council of Churches initiative closed its doors. “They were incredibly disappointed,” said Ed Rossmoore, executive director of the Rural Family Development Division … Continue reading

Fundraising Tips: 2011 National Farmworker Awareness Week

From, Student Action with Farmworkers,  “Fundraising Tips: 2011 National Farmworker Awareness Week,” Mar 2011. “Fundraising Tips: 2011 National Farmworker Awareness Week” was created to support you in your efforts to fundraise for your event to support a local farmworker organization or to raise funds for Student Action with Farmworkers. Fundraising is an important skill that can … Continue reading

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