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Thompson leads call to protect agriculture workforce

From LakeCoNews.com, Lake County News, 17 Feb 2012. WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Mike Thompson (CA-1) is leading a group of representatives in calling on President Obama to protect the U.S. agricultural workforce from a harmful “enforcement-only” approach to immigration reform. In a letter to the president, Thompson and his colleagues in the House wrote that … Continue reading

Mexican Ambassador Sarukhan Visits Valley

From FresnoBee.com, Heather Somerville, The Fresno Bee, 16 Feb 2012. Mexican Ambassador Arturo Sarukhan’s visit to Fresno on Thursday — a first by Mexico’s top representative in the U.S. — underscored the robust relationship between Mexico and the Valley and highlighted concerns about protecting the region’s agriculture industry from anti-immigrant legislation. Sarukhan spent the day … Continue reading

Opinion: Illegal Immigration: More at Stake than You Think

From TBO.com, Tampa Bay Online, “Illegal immigration: More at stake than you think” 22 Jan 2012. Ask most Americans about “illegal immigration” and they are likely to conjure an image of someone of Hispanic origin swimming across the Rio Grande or evading border patrolmen in the desert. The reality is that just who is “illegal,” … Continue reading

Labor Shortages, H-2A Reform

From Migration.UCDavis.edu, “Labor Shortages, H-2A Reform” Jan 2012. Growers complained of farm labor shortages in many states in summer and fall 2011, especially in Alabama and Georgia, states that enacted laws making it a crime for an unauthorized foreigner to be in the state. The Washington apple harvest, expected to be about 105 million 42-pound … Continue reading

Studies, Surveys Confirm Georgia Farm Labor Losses

From SoutheastFarmPress.com, Paul Hollis, 2 Dec 2011. Farmers complaining of immigration legislation Numerous surveys and studies conducted in Georgia have revealed farm labor shortages and negative economic impacts since the passage this year of a tough new immigration law in the state. Though none of the findings mention the law specifically, many farmers have complained … Continue reading

New Immigration Laws Could Hit Farmers, Drive Up Food Prices

From Tennessean.com, Chas Sisk, 27 Nov 2011. HICKORY POINT, TENN. — Inside a spartan shed thick with the smell of moist tobacco, temporary laborers from the Mexican state of Nayarit deftly stripped a truckload of the plant’s broad leaves from its hardened stalks. A foreman, Pedro Peña, handed racks of dark air-cured tobacco down to another … Continue reading

No Farm Workers, No Food

From Rep-Am.com, D. Dowd Muska, 27 Nov 2011. Savor the memory of strawberries, tomatoes, peaches, honey, eggs and beef purchased this year at farmers’ markets. In 2012, local agricultural products might be difficult to find. For that matter, supermarket produce and meat — food shipped from anywhere in the United States — could be in … Continue reading

The Hunger Report: Chapter 3 Farm Workers and Immigration Policy

From HungerReport.org, Nov 2011. Do you know who to thank for harvesting much of our U.S. fruits and vegetables? Immigrant farm workers. In fact, domestic production of fruits and vegetables—foods Americans should be consuming more of—could decrease significantly without immigrant farm workers. Close to three-fourths of all U.S. hired farm workers are immigrants, most of … Continue reading

Bill Overhauls Immigrant Worker Program

From GPB.org, Jeanne Bonner, 17 Nov 2011. Much of Georgia’s agriculture industry is banking on Washington coming up with a solution to its labor problems. The state’s new immigration law scared away migrant workers, many whom are illegal, but many small farmers say a federal guest worker program is too difficult to use. ATLANTA, GA … Continue reading

Bureau Chief Assesses Issues

From HighlandsToday.com, George Duncan, 16 Nov 2011. Florida — The two major problems facing the Highlands County agricultural community are labor and workforce concerns, and water quality issues, both of which are crucial to the continued success of agriculture, according to Scott Kirouac, incoming president of the Highlands Farm Bureau. The labor issue is entwined … Continue reading

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