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Labor Department Statement on Withdrawal of Proposed Rule Dealing With Children Who Work in Agricultural Vocations

From, 26 Apr 2012. News Release WHD News Release: [04/26/2012] Contact Name: Joshua R. Lamont or Elizabeth Alexander Phone Number: (202) 693-4661 or x4675 Release Number: 12-0826-NAT WASHINGTON — The U.S. Department of Labor today issued the following statement regarding the withdrawal of a proposed rule dealing with children who work in agricultural vocations: … Continue reading

Jensen Farms Fined for Substandard Housing

From, Andy Nelson, 20 Jan 2012. The Colorado cantaloupe grower-shipper linked to the deadly 2011 listeria outbreak has been fined for housing migrant workers in substandard conditions. The U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division fined Granada, Colo.-based Jensen Farms $4,250 for failing to meet safety and health requirements under the Migrant and … Continue reading

Laws on Farm Labor Impact Minors

From, Rance Burger, 28 Dec 2011. Lake of the Ozarks, MO — Proposed changes to farm labor laws may change the landscape of education in rural communities across the Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, and beyond. The U.S. Department of Labor will consider implementing new rules for youth farm labor in 2012, rules that Missouri … Continue reading

Keeping Kids Out of Silo Deathtraps: Labor Dept. on Verge of Rule Change

From, Mike Elk, 19 Dec 2011. When it’s humid during the summer, corn in storage will often get so caked together that it won’t fall to the bottom of silos. When this happens, silo operators will sometimes hire teenagers to come in for a day and jump around on the corn in order to … Continue reading

Farmers Worry New Labor Rules Will End Teen Jobs

From, The Sacramento Bee, Josh Funk, Associated Press, 2 Dec 2011. OMAHA, Neb. — From tending cattle to driving tractors or ATVs, 15-year-old Taylor Muller and her three younger brothers have always done what they could to help the family’s farming business. “Most kids my age don’t even have jobs,” said Taylor, who assists her … Continue reading

New Changes in Child Labor Target Family Farm Operations

From, Andrea J. Cook, Journal staff, 29 Nov 2011. Proposed changes in federal child labor rules threaten the very core of South Dakota family farm and ranch operations by limiting employing and training the next generation of producers, according to producers and others involved in agriculture. South Dakota Secretary of Labor Pamela S. Roberts … Continue reading

Visa, Tax Worries Add to Burden of Jamaican Farmhands in NH

From, Simon Rios, Sunday News Correspondent, 27 Nov 2011. HOLLIS, NH — Zacharias Mitchell has been working the soil of Lull Farm for 15 seasons, spending eight months of each year here and four back home in Jamaica. His job involves every aspect of farming, from tilling to planting to mulching, weeding and harvesting … Continue reading

New Child Labor Laws Difficult Idea To Plant With Nebraska Farmers

From WOWT.con, 6 News, 24 Nov 2011. Farmers say updated child labor laws proposed by the US Department of Labor could have a chilling effect. Farmers say updated child labor laws proposed by the US Department of Labor could have a chilling effect. The department says they’re just protecting kids who work on farms. Kids under 16 … Continue reading

Young Farm Workers at Greater Risk of Dying On-the-Job, Proposal to Protect Them Called “Detrimental,” “Foolish” and “Idiotic”

From, The Pump Handle, ‘Celeste Monforton, 18 Nov 2011. For U.S. workers, the risk of dying on the job is highest if you are employed in agricultural, fishing or hunting. These jobs are not just a little riskier than the average job, they are nearly 8 times more life-threatening. The fatality rate for all private sector … Continue reading

Visa Delays Said to Slow Season, Harvest

From, Shannon Young, 9 Nov 2011. WASHINGTON – As the fall apple harvest winds down, some New Hampshire apple farmers who depend on foreign-born seasonal labor fear visa regulations from the U.S. Labor Department will hinder farming operations. “If some year I can’t get any (foreign seasonal) workers, then I’ll have to seriously consider … Continue reading

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