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Latino-Indigenous Mexican Divide Stirs Greenfield

From, Gosia Wozniacka, The Associated Press, 12 Aug 2011. GREENFIELD, Calif. — Down wind-swept El Camino Real, old men in cowboy hats linger on dusty benches and farmworkers spill from white contractor buses. From the main drag, it’s only blocks to the fields and vineyards that sustain this peaceful town in the Salinas Valley. But … Continue reading

Agriculture Worker Exodus in Florida Blamed on Immigration Bills

From, Tania Arja, 4 May 2011. TAMPA [FL] – Mayro Calo has seen a mass exodus of illegal immigrants, heading back to their country, most of them from Mexico. “People are giving up and returning to their country. Which, I guess, is the purpose of the law and the system,” Calo said. Calo has … Continue reading

Coming Out Of The Dark: Emergency Preparedness Plan for Farmworker Communities in San Diego County

From, Konane M. Martinez; Anna Hoff; Arcela Núñez-Alvarez, 2009. Author(s): Konane M. Martinez; Anna Hoff; Arcela Núñez-Alvarez Organization(s): National Latino Research Center at California State University, San Marcos Location: California Year: 2009 Download: FW CARE Coalition Emergency Plan 3.15.11.pdf Description: The Farmworker CARE (Coordination/ Communication, Advocacy/ Access, Research/ Resources, Empowerment/ Education) coalition is a … Continue reading

Idaho’s Hispanic Population: Power Brokers-In-The-Making

From,  “Idaho’s Hispanic Population: Power Brokers-In-The-Making” by George Prentice, 23 Mar 2011. Idaho Latinos keep close eye on new immigration reforms in Utah Idaho lawmakers hoping to push hard-line immigration reform may do so at their political peril. Certainly not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday soon, when Idaho’s Latino population takes a firm … Continue reading

Davis’ Comments Shock GOP Leaders

From, “Davis’ comments shock GOP leaders” by Jerry Zremski, New Washington Bureau Chief, 15 Mar 2011. [BUFFALO, NY] Congressional candidate Jack Davis shocked local Republican leaders in a recent interview when he suggested that Latino farmworkers be deported — and that African-Americans from the inner city be bused to farm country to pick the … Continue reading

Traveling Modern-Day Slavery Museum Will Stop in Fort Walton Beach

From, “Traveling modern-day slavery museum will stop in Fort Walton Beach” by Lauren Sage Reinlie, Daily News, 13 Mar 2011. FORT WALTON BEACH [FL] — Nights were spent locked inside the back of a cargo truck. During the day, over a dozen farm workers were beaten, physically restrained and forced to pick tomatoes in the fields … Continue reading

North Carolina Shows Small-Town America Absorbs Hispanic Surge

From, “North Carolina Shows Small-Town America Absorbs Hispanic Surge” by Chris Burritt and Timothy R. Homan, 2 Mar 2011. Without a growing Hispanic population in the rolling hills of rural North Carolina, Bottomley Evergreens & Farms Inc., a provider of Christmas trees to Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and Home Depot Inc., would be out of business. … Continue reading

Legal Status Boosts Immigrant Wages

From Newsroom.UCR.Edu, University of California, Riverside, “Legal Status Boosts Immigrant Wages.” 1 Mar 2011. Granting legal status to undocumented residents does not harm native workers’ wages, UC Riverside study reports. RIVERSIDE, Calif. – Granting legal status to undocumented U.S. residents helps them find jobs that are better suited to their skills, and helps increase wages … Continue reading

Ex-Astronaut Tells Kids to Reach for the Stars

From, The Orange County Register, “Ex-Astronaut Tells Kids to Reach for the Stars” by David Bro, Special to the Register, 1 Mar 2011. SAN CLEMENTE [CA] – You might not often make a connection between sweets and space, but 11-year-old Mikaela Bellomo of San Clemente says she’s more determined than ever to one day … Continue reading

12 Steps to Securing Our Borders and Legal Immigration

From “12 Steps to Securing Our Borders and Legal Immigration” by DeeDee Garcia Blase, Alex Gonzalez and Joe Penalosa, Arizona Hispanic Republicans, 28 Feb 2011. Why is securing our borders and legal immigration needed? A healthy and legal immigration solution will secure our borders, create a safer North American Continent and promote a stronger relationship … Continue reading

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