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Latino-Indigenous Mexican Divide Stirs Greenfield

From, Gosia Wozniacka, The Associated Press, 12 Aug 2011. GREENFIELD, Calif. — Down wind-swept El Camino Real, old men in cowboy hats linger on dusty benches and farmworkers spill from white contractor buses. From the main drag, it’s only blocks to the fields and vineyards that sustain this peaceful town in the Salinas Valley. But … Continue reading

Watsonville Organizations Learn More about Oaxacan Community

From, Maria Grusauskas, 9 Apr 2011. Watsonville residents and representatives of various local organizations learned about the Oaxacan community in Watsonville and California in a free workshop Thursday. The workshop, entitled “Working with Oaxacan Populations” was held at the Watsonville Civic Center Community Room and covered the history of the indigenous people, their immigration … Continue reading

Opinion: Agriculture New Security of Tenure Bill is a Grim Harvest for Farmers

Note from Farmworkers’ Forum: This opinion piece is from Viola Manuel, CEO of the Cape Chamber of Commerce in South Africa. It is interesting to read about a different country, a different culture trying to balance the rights of farm employers with rights of the farmworkers. If you would like to see additional posts about … Continue reading

How Can We Keep the People Who Harvest Our Veggies Healthy Too?

From, GOOD Magazine, “How can we keep the people who harvest our veggies healthy too?” by Bridget Huber, 25 Mar 2011. It’s nice to think of the people who grow our food as hale and hearty folk who get plenty of fresh air and exercise. “The typical reaction is that they’re working hard in … Continue reading

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