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Seasonal Farm-Worker Visa Program Frustrates Growers

From McClatchyDC.com, Sean Cockerham, 7 May 2012. As the summer growing season approaches, farmers across the county are experiencing widespread frustration over the federal H-2A visa program for seasonal agriculture workers.< In Idaho, farmers such as Jim Little of Emmett say they need immigrant workers from Latin America but that the government is making it … Continue reading

Georgia Farmers Face Another Worker Shortage Because Of Harmful Immigration Law

From ThinkProgress.org, Amanda Peterson Beadle, 13 Apr 2012. As soon as Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal (R) signed a harmful immigration bill into law last year, farmers saw an immediate exodus of thousands of skilled immigrant farm workers. Without enough workers, millions of dollars in crops rotted in the fields because there was no one to harvest them. Officials suggested … Continue reading

As Tide of Illegal Immigrants Goes Home, Will US Economy Suffer?

From MinnPost.com, Lourdes Medrano, Christian Science Monitor, 9 Apr 2012. The steady stream of immigrant workers who used to line up at Tim Dunn’s Arizona farm, ready to pick vegetable seed crops like black-eyed peas and garbanzo beans, has mostly dried up. “We just don’t see people walking up, looking for jobs like they used to,” he says. … Continue reading

Immigration Reform 2013

From AgWeb.com, Jim Dickrell, Dairy Today Editor, 27 Feb 2012. After 2012 elections, reform might be possible The bad news, if it’s even news, is that national, comprehensive immigration reform isn’t going to happen this year. That was the consensus of a panel of experts at the Colorado Farm Show in Greeley last month. Participating … Continue reading

Washington Ag Leaders: Immigration Reform Vital for Economy

From Yakima-Herald.com, David Lester, 18 Feb 2012. ELLENSBURG — More Washington farmers are expected to turn to a federal foreign guest worker program out of concern that last fall’s labor shortage will only get worse in 2012, employer advocates say. And Washington’s agriculture director said he believes solving agriculture’s labor needs through comprehensive immigration reform … Continue reading

Farmers Still Fighting for Immigrant Guest-Worker Program

From McClatchyDC.com, Michael Doyle, 10 Feb 2012. WASHINGTON — California and Southern farmers renewed their case Thursday for some kind of an agricultural guest-worker program, but they’re sailing against the wind. Make that a hurricane. Buffeted by campaign-season currents and the inherent complications around immigration, the farmers this year face excruciatingly long odds as they … Continue reading

Regional Perspectives on Agricultural Guestworker Programs

From Judiciary.House.gov, Bruce Goldstein, 9 Feb 2012. Written Testimony of Bruce Goldstein, President, Farmworker Justice, before the Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration Policy and Enforcement. Mr. Chairman and Members: Thank you for the opportunity to testify about proposals to address our nation’s broken immigration system and solutions to ensure a productive, fairly-treated farm labor force. For thirty … Continue reading

Ag Labor Shortage Likely to Continue

From AgJournalOnline.com, Candace Krebs, 7 Feb 2012. Greeley, Colo. —Tougher anti-immigration laws have slashed the available pool of farm labor, leading to worker shortages nationwide, millions of dollars in lost crops and increased urgency to reform the temporary worker visa program to make it more effective for agricultural employers, according to one official who represents … Continue reading

Ga. Agriculture Faces a Growing Labor Problem

From GainesvilleTimes.com, Dallas Duncan, 22 Jan 2012. When Georgia passed House Bill 87, the Illegal Immigration Reform and Reinforcement Act of 2011, the agriculture industry struggled with a sudden labor loss statewide. “Much of agriculture production in Georgia is the production of crops that are highly mechanized. We can’t do that with blueberries and blackberries … Continue reading

Labor Shortages, H-2A Reform

From Migration.UCDavis.edu, “Labor Shortages, H-2A Reform” Jan 2012. Growers complained of farm labor shortages in many states in summer and fall 2011, especially in Alabama and Georgia, states that enacted laws making it a crime for an unauthorized foreigner to be in the state. The Washington apple harvest, expected to be about 105 million 42-pound … Continue reading

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