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Utah County GOP Passes Anti-Guest Worker Resolution

From, The Salt Lake Tribune, David Montero, 30 Apr 2011. Spanish Fork [UT] • A resolution seeking to repeal a guest worker immigration bill scored a major victory Saturday when it narrowly won endorsement in Utah County — the backyard of one of its key architects and cheerleaders. The resolution passed 443-365 shortly after … Continue reading

Why Being a Foodie Isn’t ‘Elitist’

From, Eric Schlosser, 29 Apr 2011. At the American Farm Bureau Federation’s annual meeting this year, Bob Stallman, the group’s president, lashed out at “self-appointed food elitists” who are “hell-bent on misleading consumers.” His target was the growing movement that calls for sustainable farming practices and questions the basic tenets of large-scale industrial agriculture … Continue reading

CBS47 Special Report: Illegals Working in America

From Alexandra Limon, 28 Apr 2011. Illegal immigration in the Central Valley has been a heated topic for a long time. Some claim these workers are doing the jobs many Americans won’t do, while others say they’re taking jobs away from Americans. CBS4747’s Alexandra Limon spoke to both sides and spent the day in … Continue reading

Third Peruvian Shepherd Claims Abuse in Craig Ranch Lawsuit

From, Felisa Cardona, 29 Apr 2011. A third Peruvian shepherd claiming severe abuse at the hands of a Colorado rancher filed a federal lawsuit Thursday in Denver. Jhosemar Samaniego Fernandez sued John Peroulis & Sons Sheep Inc., Louis Peroulis and Stanley Peroulis alleging that he was starved and denied medical care for a work … Continue reading

Traditional vs. Restrictionist Conservatism

From, The Hill’s Congress Blog, Robert Gittelson, 29 Apr 2011. This week the President elevated the issue of our broken immigration system back to the front burner of our political discourse. Conservatives for Comprehensive Immigration Reform believes that this murky issue gains clarity when eyed through the matrix of the traditional “three legged stool” … Continue reading

Ontario, Canada: Court Won’t Protect Farm Worker Unions

From, Randy Richmond, London Free Press, 29 Apr 2011. AGRICULTURE: The Supreme Court says union organization is not covered by freedom of association Organized labour in Canada has suffered a serious blow from a Supreme Court ruling Friday that prevents Ontario farm workers from joining a union, says a labour law expert. “Up until … Continue reading

Florida GOP Split on Immigration Bill

From, Lindsay Peterson, Tampa Tribune, 30 Apr 2011. TALLAHASSEE, FL — Senate President Mike Haridopolos said he expects a long debate Monday on an immigration bill that has followed a tortured path in the Senate this session. This week, he asked veteran Sen. JD Alexander, R-Lake Wales, to take over the bill from its … Continue reading

We are not Arizona!

From, James Haslam, 26 Apr 2011. Yesterday, with the vote on the universal healthcare bill H.202, we saw politics at its best and at its worst. At its best, because the participation of thousands of Vermonters in the Healthcare Is a Human Right campaign convinced a strong majority in the Senate to pass a … Continue reading

Changes to the H-2A Final Rule: What They Mean for Agriculture Employers in Massachusetts

From, Brenda J. Smith, J.D., 29 Apr 2011. Agriculture employers in Massachusetts who participate in the H2A Farm Labor Program have noticed a shift in procedures and enforcement recently. This shift is impacting farms and agriculture employers in Massachusetts and across the country. The intent of this article is to help clarify what the … Continue reading

Quilt Honors Farmworkers who Labored by Great Lake

From, Joy Wallace Dickinson, Florida Flashback, 1 May 2011. [FL] — Sometimes the biggest stories in Central Florida’s past are the hardest to grasp, to get our minds around. Take the story of how Lake Apopka was transformed over decades from a pristine paradise into the state’s most polluted large lake, and the effort to reclaim it. … Continue reading

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