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Growers Struggle to Cope with Farmworker Shortage

From, “Growers struggle to cope with farmworker shortage” McClatchy Newspapers, 7 Jun  2012. SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Kevin Steward has spent more than a quarter-century in agriculture, much of that growing grapes for wineries. He’s always been able to rely on seasonal workers to tend the vines and bring in the year’s harvest. But this … Continue reading

Arizona Law that Punishes Hiring of Illegal Immigrants Upheld

From, Nicole C. Brambila, 26 May 2011. The Arizona law U.S. Supreme Court justices upheld Thursday would devastate Coachella Valley businesses if enacted here, some local employers said. Intended to stem the flow of undocumented immigrants streaming into Arizona, it requires businesses to use a federal database to verify worker eligibility. California and federal … Continue reading

Georgia Lawmakers Target Illegal Immigration

From, The Wall Street Journal, Arian Campo-Flores, 15 Apr 2011. Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal said on Friday he would sign into law an Arizona-style immigration bill, a move that would thrust his state into the center of the national debate over securing the country’s borders. The measure “fulfills his campaign promise to crack down … Continue reading

After the Great Recession: Native-Born Workers Begin to Share in Jobs Recovery

From, Pew Hispanic Center, “After the Great Recession: Native-Born Workers Begin to Share in Jobs Recovery,” 10 Mar 2011. For the first time since the official end of the Great Recession in June 2009, native-born workers in the second half of 2010 joined foreign-born workers in experiencing the beginnings of a recovery in employment, according … Continue reading

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