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Thompson leads call to protect agriculture workforce

From, Lake County News, 17 Feb 2012. WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Mike Thompson (CA-1) is leading a group of representatives in calling on President Obama to protect the U.S. agricultural workforce from a harmful “enforcement-only” approach to immigration reform. In a letter to the president, Thompson and his colleagues in the House wrote that … Continue reading

Opinion: Illegal Immigration: More at Stake than You Think

From, Tampa Bay Online, “Illegal immigration: More at stake than you think” 22 Jan 2012. Ask most Americans about “illegal immigration” and they are likely to conjure an image of someone of Hispanic origin swimming across the Rio Grande or evading border patrolmen in the desert. The reality is that just who is “illegal,” … Continue reading

Farmworkers in El Paso Glum About 2012

From, 1 Jan 2012. Close to 70 agricultural day laborers arrive every day at the Centro de los Trabajadores Agricolas Fronterizos (Border Farmworker Center) in El Paso in hopes of being hired to harvest nuts and red chilis, but with little hope at all for next year. Around 1:00 a.m. the farmworkers gather in … Continue reading

Worker Visas Are Big Business

From, Georgia Public Broadcasting, Jeanne Bonner, 13 Dec 2011. Atlanta, GA — Officials at one Georgia company are hiring more staff and investing heavily in the future. That’s because its business – finding legal foreign workers for farms – is suddenly in demand. AgWorks of Lake Park, near Valdosta, applies for foreign visas on … Continue reading

An Addiction to Cheap Farm Labor

From, “An addiction to cheap farm labor” by Chris Liu-Beers, 24 Nov 2011. Original article at North Carolinz Council of Churches. RALEIGH, NC — During this holiday season of feasting, we need to be honest about how our food is produced. America has always relied on cheap labor to make agriculture work. The source … Continue reading

Bureau Chief Assesses Issues

From, George Duncan, 16 Nov 2011. Florida — The two major problems facing the Highlands County agricultural community are labor and workforce concerns, and water quality issues, both of which are crucial to the continued success of agriculture, according to Scott Kirouac, incoming president of the Highlands Farm Bureau. The labor issue is entwined … Continue reading

Eyewitness Describes Brutality in Tobacco Fields

From, Blake Deppe, 28 Oct 2011. When Brenda Loya, of AFL-CIO Media Affairs, traveled along with 25 students, activists, and labor leaders to Dudley, N.C., she became a witness to the atrocious environment and conditions of the tobacco farm workers. Loya said of the experience, “We drove 40 minutes into the country to visit labor camps … Continue reading

High Undocumented Population in County

From, Claudia Meléndez Salinas, Herald Staff Writer, 2 Aug 2011. [Monterey, CA] — At at time when illegal immigration has dropped to record low levels, a new report has found that Monterey County has a larger share of undocumented residents than any county in California. In the first estimate of its kind, researchers at … Continue reading

Mexicans Find Better Lives in Area Fields

From,Diana Louise Carter, 4 Jun 2011. [Rochester, NY] — In Mexico, it’s cheaper for a tortilla manufacturer to buy corn from the United States, where government subsidies keep corn prices low, than to buy from unsubsidized Mexican farmers. The Mexican farmers, as a result, go out of business or send their young men and … Continue reading

Georgia Immigration Reform Bill Stresses Growers

From, Mike Pearson, 31 May 2011. STORY HIGHLIGHTS Georgia fruit and vegetable growers complain state immigration law is hurting them More than 30 percent of needed field labor is bypassing the state, a growers’ group says The law allows police broader latitude to check immigration status It also requires employers to use a federal … Continue reading

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