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Rick Perry’s Opposition To Pesticide Regulations Helped Launch His Political Star

From, Dave Jamieson, 10 Oct 2011. Jason Cherkis contributed reporting to this story. WASHINGTON — More than two decades ago, there was a bitter fight within Texas’ agricultural community, one that pitted low-wage farm workers and their advocates against large growers and chemical companies. The dispute was over how much field workers should know … Continue reading

Opinion: Stop the Immigration Squabbling Now

From, “Stop the immigration squabbling now” by Tom Karst, 23 Sept 2011. If Americans only had the power to lock lawmakers in a room, giving them only refried beans and fried pork rinds as sustenance. We would then issue an ultimatum: solve the immigration problem in a bipartisan fashion or don’t think about leaving … Continue reading

Slim Pickings: Texas Lawmakers Hope Bills Yield Patch for Farm-Labor Gap

From, “Slim Pickings: Texas lawmakers hope bills yield patch for farm-labor gap” by Jared Janes, 20 Mar 2011. MISSION [TX] — Most of the farm workers who harvest and process citrus for South Tex Organics are familiar faces who return each growing season to provide a reliable labor force. At the peak of the … Continue reading

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