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Gary Black and the Shifting Debate over Illegal Immigration

From, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Jim Galloway, 6 Oct 2011. You can’t begin to assess the importance of what state Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black said in a U.S. Senate chamber this week without first flashing back to 2007. That spring, U.S. Sens. Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson were in the midst of negotiations with the George … Continue reading

Probationers to Help Fill South Georgia Farm Jobs Again in Fall

From, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Jeremy Redmon, 5 Aug 2011. [Georgia] — State officials are preparing to resume filling open farming jobs in South Georgia with probationers this fall, following mixed results from a pilot program they started amid severe labor shortages in the state’s No. 1 industry. Some of the probationers who worked on … Continue reading

Georgia’s New Immigration Law Leading To Crops Rotting In Farmers’ Fields

From, Doug Mataconis, 22 Jun 2011. During the last legislative session, Georgia adopted a harsh new immigration law modeled on the law passed last year by Arizona. Now, it seems they’re getting a little lesson in the law of unintended consequences: After enacting House Bill 87, a law designed to drive illegal immigrants out of … Continue reading

Some Migrant Workers Could Vanish with New GA Immigration Law

From, News 12 TV Augusta, Chad Mills, 29 May 2011. Farmers say Georgia’s new immigration law could scare away illegal immigrant migrant workers. They say that could have an impact on agricultural productivity. KEYSVILLE, Ga.—Miller Etterle has been selling fruits and vegetables out of the back of his old pick-up truck for more than … Continue reading

Governor Asks State to Probe Farm Labor Shortages

From, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Jeremy Redmon, 27 May 2011. State officials confirmed Friday that they have started investigating the scope of Georgia’s agricultural labor shortages following complaints that the state’s new immigration enforcement law is scaring away migrant farmworkers. Gov. Nathan Deal asked for the investigation Thursday in a letter to Agriculture Commissioner Gary … Continue reading

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