Legal Assistance: Florida

Migrant Farmworker Justice Project

Established by Florida Legal Services in 1996 and funded by the Florida Bar Foundation, the Migrant Farmworker Justice Project is committed to ensuring that the full range of legal advocacy is available to the 300,000 farmworkers who work in Florida’s fields and groves through innovation, law reform, legislative and administrative advocacy, and class actions.

Our work is directed at cases which:

  1. Deal with a problem or grievance shared by a large number of farmworkers or about which farmworkers feel strongly;
  2. Enhance the ability of farmworkers to participate in solving their own problems;
  3. Increase community understanding of a problem or issue and advance the knowledge of the person served by the Project with respect to their legal rights and responsibilities; or
  4. Address a rule or practice that adversely affects a large number of farmworkers. Our staff includes some of the most experienced farmworker advocates in the country. In our short history, we have achieved some notable successes.

Florida Legal Services, Inc.
2425 Torreya Drive
Tallahassee, FL 32303
Phone: (850) 385-7900
Fax: (850) 385-9998


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