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Child Labor in American Agriculture

From, Eric Best, 3 Apr 2012. Nearly half a million children farm workers harvest almost 25 percent of our crops. It may sound like something out of the Industrial Revolution, but child labor still exists throughout the U.S. today, in surprising numbers. Most of these children are in undocumented families working in agriculture — … Continue reading

Ag Association Critical of State Assemblyman

From, Associated Press, 6 Apr 2012. SANTA BARBARA, Calif. (AP) – The Ventura County Agricultural Association is criticizing a California assemblyman [Das Williams], alleging he posed as a United Farm Workers union organizer in a dispute with a Ventura strawberry grower. Association lawyer Rob Roy said Friday that a complaint will be filed next … Continue reading

Farmers Support Illegal Immigrant Work Program

From, Peggy Lowe, 6 Apr 2012. It’s a long way from Forget-Me-Not Farms to the Kansas State Capitol in Topeka. But T.J. Curtis, a dairy farmer from Cimarron, Kan., drove the 300 miles because he’s desperate for workers for his family’s operation in western Kansas, where they want to hire another 75 people. He … Continue reading

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