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Campesinos Sin Fronteras 
Plans Move to San Luis Center

From, Cesar Neyoy, Bajo el Sol, 7 Aug 2011.

SAN LUIS, Ariz. — The nonprofit organization Campesinos Sin Fronteras is expected to move its headquarters from Somerton to San Luis, pending city council approval of an agreement allowing the agency to move into and manage the city’s Fernando Padilla Community Center.

Campesinos, an agency that provides various services to farmworkers and low-income families around the county, has already moved into the city-owned building, although city spokeswoman Karin Meza said the terms under which the agency will occupy it have not been finalized.

The agreement is scheduled to presented to the council for possible approval at its meeting on Wednesday.

“They will be basically be in charge of the building, but they will maintain the services provided by the agencies that were there before, such as the Rotary Club, Western Arizona Council of Governments, WIC (Women Infants and Children, a federally funded nutrition program for low-income mothers and their children),” Meza said.

The center had been staffed by one city employee, who has been reassigned since Campesinos moved in, she said.

Since relocating its departments in a newly built City Hall on Union Street about five years ago, the city has turned over use of several of its formerly occupied buildings to nonprofit organizations that provide services in San Luis, such as the city chamber of commerce and Project PPEP. The community center will be the third one assigned to an outside agency.

Flor Redondo, director of programs for Campesinos Sin Fronteras, said the collaboration with the city will allow her organization to expand its services in San Luis, mainly health-related programs.

“It’s an opportunity to come and provide more services. Resources are scarce, and collaborations like this permit funds to be better focused on bringing programs to the people.”

Campesinos was founded in the 1990s to provide health and social services to farmworker families around Yuma County.

The move to the community center will enable Campesinos to vacate rented building space in Somerton that has served as the agency’s headquarters, Redondo said.

The organization will continue to occupy another city-owned building in Somerton from which it currently provides community services.

Source:, “Campesinos Sin Fronteras 
plans move to San Luis center” by Cesar Neyoy, Bajo el Sol, 7 Aug 2011.


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