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Farm Labor Leader: H-2A Program Broken

From CapitalPress.info, Mitch Lies, 21 Jul 2011.

A farm labor executive said the H-2A temporary agricultural worker program doesn’t offer a solution to the labor shortage that is expected if Congress adopts mandatory usage of E-Verify.

“Conservative legislators are saying, ‘Tell us five or six things wrong with H-2A and we’ll fix them,'” said Frank Gasperini, executive vice president of the National Council of Agricultural Employers. “Either somebody doesn’t understand agriculture, or they are totally overestimating the ability of Congress to get things done.

“The H-2A program has proven to be neither workable nor accessible to the majority of farmers,” he said.

E-Verify is an Internet-based system that allows employers to check whether a job applicant is a U.S. citizen by matching his or her Social Security number in a national database.

U.S. employers would be required to use the system under the Legal Workforce Act, a bill currently in Congress.

Agricultural leaders have said that if the bill passes, U.S. farmers could lose more than half of their labor force.

Although important for some farmers, the H-2A program supplies less than 3 percent of active farmworkers in the U.S., Gasperini said.

“It doesn’t pass the red-face test to say that the Department of Labor can go from 60,000 (the current program participation) to 1.2 million (70 percent of the current farm labor force) by tweaking the same broken program,” Gasperini said.

“We’re saying, if you are talking about a mandatory E-Verify, you need to address our current agricultural labor issues.

“We believe it is important for this nation’s food security that a workable program be accessible for all farmers to hire enough workers,” Gasperini said.

Source: CapitalPress.info, “Farm labor leader: H-2A program broken” by Mitch Lies, 21 Jul 2011.


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One thought on “Farm Labor Leader: H-2A Program Broken

  1. The E-Verify works just fine. The E-Verify will verify that you are 1) United States Citizen; 2) a person authorized to work in the United States, or 3) you are on the H2A program.

    If you are an illegal then it will not work and that was the intent of congress. I am a Mexican Citizen and I am also an American Citizen. If you are an illegal in the United States, no big deal, call me and I will get you a H2A work permit. Of course, you have to be a farmer and you will be able to work in the U.S.

    International Work Force
    web: http://www.intworkforce.com
    Steve Cohen Salvin
    U.S. 619 946-5150
    Mexico: 521 664 375-6666

    Posted by Stephen Cohen | 24 July 2011, 9:48 pm

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