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Michael Russo: The Plight of U.S. Migrant Farm Workers

From, Colleen Finnegan, 27 Jun 2011.

Michael Russo

Michael Russo

Spotlighting Avon High School senior mastery projects.

Name: Michael Russo, Class of 2011 graduate.

Senior Mastery Project: “For my senior mastery project, I investigated the plight of America’s migrant farm working population… Husbands, fathers and sons along with [the rest of their family] come primarily from Mexico and other Latin American countries to the United States with hopes of securing…more comfortable lives than those experienced in their homelands. Despite the sizeable contributions which these workers make by offering their labor, [they’re rarely] able to attain any lasting prosperity for themselves. [After] learning this, I strove to analyze the…causes which perpetuate their suffering,” Russo told Patch by email.

Why did he select this topic? He stumbled upon the topic while doing an Internet-based search. After learning about the tribulations endured by migrant farm workers in the U.S., he became completely “immersed” with the subject.

What he learned: “This issue opened my eyes to the oppressive hardship which people on our own American soil endure. Without the labor of migrant workers, who comprise a total 56 percent of all farm workers in the country, fresh vegetables and fruits would be much more expensive or unavailable. And although they form such a vital sector, [they’re] burdened with strenuous labor and unbearable living conditions,” Russo told Patch by email.

Fun Facts: Russo enjoys classical studies, especially Ancient Mediterranean history, culture and language. He knows three languages in addition to English — Latin, Greek and Spanish. In his spare time, he likes to read and paint. While attending Avon High School, he was involved with the Mock Trial Club for four years. He also participated in Model UN, debate and certamen. Russo also earned the Bean Scholarship, which the College of Holy Cross awards to students that exhibit excellence in Greek and Latin study.

Summer Plans: Before heading to College of the Holy Cross in the fall, he’s looking forward to hanging out with family and friends, soaking up some sun by the pool, golfing and relaxing.

Editor’s Note: Hey, Avon Class of 2011 graduating seniors! Do you want your senior master project featured on Avon Patch? E-mail the information to, along with a photo of you and your project. Parents, you can submit on behalf of your children as well. We will be spotlighting one senior mastery project a day, Mondays through Fridays, throughout the entire summer.

Source:, “Michael Russo: The Plight of U.S. Migrant Farm Workers” by Colleen Finnegan, 27 Jun 2011.


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One thought on “Michael Russo: The Plight of U.S. Migrant Farm Workers

  1. Any farm worker that is in the United States without legal papers just contact me and I will assist you for free with a H2A visa. or you can call us at 619 946-5150.

    Posted by Stephen Cohen | 30 June 2011, 8:38 pm

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