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Historical and Contemporary Factors Contributing to the Plight of Migrant Farmworkers in the United States

From, “Historical and Contemporary Factors Contributing to the Plight of Migrant Farmworkers in the United States” by Safina Koreishi, MD, MPH and Martin Donohoe, MD, FACP, March 2010. Migrant farmworkers provide an essential service and perform jobs that many Americans are unwilling to do. Immigration practices and policies dictate the extent to which undocumented migrant … Continue reading

Supreme Court’s E-Verify Decision Devastating for Employers, Immigrant Workers

From, Kari Lydersen, 30 May 2011. Immigrants rights advocates and employers, including farmers, are lashing out at the Supreme Court’s May 26 decision upholding Arizona’s right to demand employers use the controversial e-Verify system, which is meant to confirm whether someone is in the country legally. The decision also allowed Arizona to continue the so-called “business … Continue reading

Obama Increasingly Targets Employers of Illegals

From, Daniel Politi, 30 May 2011. The White House is focusing on punishing those who hire illegal immigrants, rather than the workers themselves. President Obama has mostly given up on the flashy, media-friendly raids on workplaces that were popular with his predecessor and often rounded up hundreds of illegal workers for deportation. Instead, he … Continue reading

Paying More for Your Salsa, Will Broken Immigration System = Higher Food Prices?

From, Andrea Gray, SF Fusion Food Examiner, 30 May 2011. Wait for it… California could be next. In Georgia, farmers are reporting that “they are starting to feel the effects of a tough crackdown on illegal immigration — a sudden dearth of migrant workers needed to bring in their harvests. Charles Hall, executive director of … Continue reading

Trailer Park Upgrade Plan Nears Fruition

From, Marcel Honoré, 29 May 2011. One of the eastern Coachella Valley’s oldest and largest migrant farmworker communities, notorious in local circles for its persistent health and safety hazards, could be on the verge of a major makeover. The Riverside County Planning Commission voted last Wednesday to grant a permit to St. Anthony’s mobile … Continue reading

Obama Administration and Farm Bureau Tout ‘Comprehensive’ Immigration Reform

From, David Bennett, 27 May 2011. Obama adminstration ramps up call for “comprehensive” immigration reform. Labor requirements, unique needs for U.S. agriculture highlighted. Downplays usefulness of targeted or incremental reforms. Farm Bureau also supports comprehensive approach. Agriculture labor requirements and the threat of higher food prices and rising imports took center stage when Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack pushed … Continue reading

Immigrant-Law Ruling Irks Some Businesses

From, Wall Street Journal, Miriam Jordan and Danny Yadron, 28 May 2011. A Supreme Court ruling this past week upholding an Arizona state law that cracks down on employers of illegal immigrants is irking some businesspeople who expect similar measures to spread to other states and threaten economic recovery in sectors that rely on … Continue reading

Navarrette: Congressman’s Unreality Show

From, Ventura County Star, Ruben Navarrette, 28 May 2011. You would think that the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee would have better things to do than respond to every column that mentions him. Apparently not. After I wrote recently that Republicans weren’t really serious about enforcing immigration laws because they’re too afraid to … Continue reading

Op-Ed: Trust but E-Verify

From, The New York Times, Ross Doughat, 29 May 2011. The Arizona immigration law was controversial from the beginning. Critics said it was ripe for abuse, implicitly discriminatory and probably unconstitutional as well. Business groups and liberal activists joined forces to oppose it. But now that it’s been implemented, it might just be a … Continue reading

Some Migrant Workers Could Vanish with New GA Immigration Law

From, News 12 TV Augusta, Chad Mills, 29 May 2011. Farmers say Georgia’s new immigration law could scare away illegal immigrant migrant workers. They say that could have an impact on agricultural productivity. KEYSVILLE, Ga.—Miller Etterle has been selling fruits and vegetables out of the back of his old pick-up truck for more than … Continue reading

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