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Farmworker Justice: “Special Health Policy Edition of FJ News” & “Weeding Out Abuses: Recommendations for a Law-Abiding Farm Labor System”

From, 8 Apr 2011.

Farmworker Justice News: Health Policy Edition

Farmworker Justice News: Health Policy Edition

Farmworker Justice has released its new Health Policy Edition of its newsletter. What’s inside:

  • OSHA Fall Protections for Farmworkers
  • EPA Seeks Public Comment on Rule for Human Testing of Pesticides
  • AAALI: Raising Awareness of HIV/AIDS in the Latino Communities
  • Immigration Update: Congressional Hearings on Enforcement
  • Poder Sano Initiative
  • Fighting for Health: the Case against Methyl Iodide

Also, Farmworker Justice and Oxfam America have released a report outlining solutions to rampant violations of labor law in American agriculture.  The report, Weeding out Abuses: Recommendations for a law-abiding farm labor system, shows a broken farm labor system that encourages lawlessness and exploitation of workers and outlines specific recommendations that the Obama Administration can take to increase enforcement and improve the lives of farmworkers around the country.

Dolores Huerta, co-founder of the United Farm Workers (UFW) and two farmworkers from Washington state along with representatives from Oxfam America and Farmworker Justice presented the report to Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis in a meeting this morning.  The groups then held a Congressional briefing in the Capitol Visitor’s Center to present the recommendations of the report to a larger audience of media and Congressional staff members.

Read the new report here:, “Weeding out Abuses: Recommendations for a Law-Abiding Farm Labor System,” 8 Apr 2011.

Read newsletter at:, “Spring 2011- Special Health Policy Edition of Farmworker Justice News,” 8 Apr 2011.


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