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NFWM: Farmworker Awareness Week

National Farm Worker Ministry commemorates Farmworker Awareness Week (FAW) with a nation-wide week of action for students, community members, and congregations to raise awareness about farm worker issues during the week of Cesar Chavez’ birthday. The week honors his legacy as a leader of the farm worker movement.

NFWM and NFWM-YAYA are co-sponsors of the week. We are planning activities and actions around the country. We encourage you to plan an activity too. Let us know what you are doing for FAW 2011 by emailing or calling the national office.

NFWM’s Ideas for Action for Farmworker Awareness Week 2011


  • Preach a sermon that includes farmworkers.
  • Include farmworkers in pastoral prayers.
  • Teach a Sunday-school class or small group on farmworkers, including their living and working conditions.
  • Offer a resource table at your congregation on farmworker issues (include pamphlets, current campaigns, etc.)
  • Host a screening of a DVD about farmworkers.
  • Host a meal and describe the contributions of farmworkers to the food.


  • Have a food, clothing and or medical kit drive at your congregation to benefit local farmworkers.
  • Visit a migrant farmworker camp in your county with members of your congregation.
  • Form a congregational partnership with a local organization that works with farmworkers (such as a health clinic, etc.).
  • Attend worship at a congregation with farmworkers in your community.

Political/Public Action

  • Write a letter to the editor supporting farmworkers.
  • Host an event where everyone writes an individualized letter to the editor supporting farmworkers.
  • Host a postcard or call-in event to support ongoing farmworker campaigns.
  • Host a letter-writing or postcard campaign to contact state/national political leaders about legislation that affect farmworkers.
  • Take members of your congregation to meet with members of state and local governments to express support for measures that improve the living and working conditions of farmworkers.
  • Organize or attend a march with farmworkers.

For more information, visit: National Farm Worker Ministry.


About Farmworkers Forum

Farmworkers Forum is an online news and information resource for and about farmworkers. Your comments and suggestions are welcomed and very much appreciated! Let us know how we can improve this forum to better serve your needs and interests.


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